Enough is enough: What the West needs to know about Euromaidan in Ukraine

Enough is enough: What the West needs to know about Euromaidan in Ukraine

To Western Europeans, Ukraine has always remained a mysterious ex-Soviet state. It has nearly always stood in the shadow of Russia and, more recently, Poland. There are always many questions when I tell someone I am from Ukraine, such as ‘What languages do you speak in Ukraine?’, ‘Is Ukraine in Russia?’ and ‘Is it always winter there?’ In the context of such misunderstanding, it is hardly surprising that people are still left confused about what exactly is going on in Ukraine when such civil unrest explodes.


After Russia, Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe with 50,000km² more land than France, but nearly half the population of Germany (45 million).  Its capital, Kyiv, founded in 483 AD, lies on the Dniepr river in the north central part of the country and is the hub of the current revolution Euromaidan. More…


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