5 Things You Should Know About Crisis In Ukraine

5 Things You Should Know About Crisis In Ukraine

Greg Satell, Contributor

When President Obama declared support for Ukraine his State of the Union address, most Americans were probably only vaguely aware of what he was referring to.

What is Ukraine?  What’s really going on there?  After more than a decade of war and more than our share of problems at home, why should we care?  And what, if anything, can we do about it?

I lived in Ukraine for almost a decade and ran its most prominent news organization.  In 2004, when the Orange Revolution broke out, I was in the streets with just about everybody else in Kiev.  I still retain close ties to the country and speak to people there every day, including journalists, protesters and business people.

So, based on my experience in the country and the region, news reports and those conversations, here’s a simple guide to the Euromaidan protests in Ukraine. More…


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