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Happy New Year Good People !!

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to surf 2014 like the Whale Rider!!

 So, the highlights so far…

Undress Features Guy Garvey on Murder of Birds. Performance Footage Now Available Exclusively to Pledgers!

 For those of you who don’t know that I am an American living in the UK… ‘tis true. I have been here 5+ years! One person was particularly instrumental in my choice to move to UK, and that would be Elbow frontman, Mr Guy Garvey. It was through our friendship that a whole new life unfolded for me in the United Kingdom. The song ‘Murder of Birds’, along with my first collaboration with Guy, were born there at the genesis of that new life. The original version was done through the wire across the sea. This time we enjoyed the luxury of being together to capture this renewed version. You can view and share in the experience by going to the Pledge website and supporting Undress.

Would you like to see Willy Mason and I singing Whispering Light (Undressed?)

The Pledge campaign closes Feb 3rd. No pledges will be accepted after that. So get them in now!!

To all of you who have pledged already, thank you kindly!! If you are happy with what you have been seeing and hearing thus far please feel free to spread the word! Time is running out on the Pledge Campaign, and every bit of gossip is bound to help. Thank you!!

To join Hoop’s Undress PledgeMusic Campaign, please visit:   

Hoop Supporting Shearwater! Upcoming Tour Dates:

I haven’t played in a band for years. A month or so back Jonathan Meiburg, ring leader of Shearwater, asked me to open the shows for their West Coast tour and what’s more … to play in his band! Jonathan is a spectacular songwriter and overall musician. He is a great lyricist and I really look forward to singing and playing along with him as part of his band. This is bound to be an adventure!

Also, Shearwater have put out a new record called Fellow Travellers covering songs by artists that they have toured with. Jonathan was sweet enough to use an excerpt from my song ‘Deeper Devastation’ from The House that Jack Built to open the record.

Read and listen to it here:

First Listen: Shearwater’s ‘Fellow Travellers’ here:

Find out more about Shearwater here:

Tickets for all shows available at:

THURSDAY 6TH FEBRUARY – Rhythm Room Phoenix, AZ, US

FRIDAY 7TH FEBRUARY – The Echo Los Angeles, CA, US

SATURDAY 8TH FEBRUARY – Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, CA, US

THURSDAY 13TH FEBRUARY – Mississippi Studios Portland, OR, US

FRIDAY 14TH FEBRUARY – The Media Club Vancouver, BC, Canada

SATURDAY 15TH FEBRUARY – The Crocodile Seattle, WA, US

TUESDAY 18TH FEBRUARY – Urban Lounge Salt Lake City, UT, US


SATURDAY 22ND FEBRUARY – The North Door Austin, TX, US

WEDNESDAY 19TH MARCH – The Earl East Atlanta, GA, US

THURSDAY 20TH MARCH – Cat’s Cradle Back Room Carrboro, NC, US

FRIDAY 21ST MARCH – Rock & Roll Hotel Washington, DC, US

SATURDAY 22ND MARCH – The Bell House Brooklyn, NY, US

TUESDAY 25TH MARCH – Brighton Music Hall Allston, MA, US

WEDNESDAY 26TH MARCH – Divan Orange Montreal, QC, Canada

THURSDAY 27TH MARCH – Horseshoe Tavern Toronto, ON, Canada

FRIDAY 28TH MARCH – Pyramid Scheme Grand Rapids, MI, US

SATURDAY 29TH MARCH – The Empty Bottle Chicago, IL, US

TUESDAY 29TH APRIL – Botanique Brussels, Belgium

THURSDAY 8TH MAY – La Salumeria Della Musica Milan, Italy

Hoop Supporting Iron and Wine:

I am counting my blessings again as I anticipate reuniting with Iron and Wine for another set of dates. This time in Florida; short but sweet!

Find out more about Iron and Wine here:

Tickets available from:

TUESDAY 25TH FEBRUARY – Parker Playhouse, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US

WEDNESDAY 26TH FEBRUARY – Ferguson Hall, Straz Center for the Performing Arts,Tampa, FL

THURSDAY 27TH FEBRUARY – The Social, Orlando, FL

FRIDAY 28TH FEBRUARY – Curtis Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, Gainesville, FL

SATURDAY 1ST MARCH – Ponte Vedra Concert Hall, Ponte Vedra, FL


Hoop’s Performance for eTown:

It was my pleasure to hop on up to Fort Collins, CL to tape the eTown radio show with hosts Nick and Helen Forster. Everyone in the eTown crew was really lovely, and the audience was a delight to play for.

Videos from this performance will be available on my Facebook, Twitter and YouTube soon, so keep your eyes peeled for them, but for now you can stream the show via podcast or by following the link below.

You can hear Hoop’s performance via podcast, or follow this link to stream the show 8th-14th January:

Watch Hoop’s performance of ‘Born To’ for the show:  

More information on eTown can be found here:

Hoop Playing Grammy Show in L.A.

Hoop is delighted to announce that she will be performing at an invite-only pre-show for the prestigious Grammy Awards in L.A. at Village Studios later this month!

New Press

New press from Yorkshire Times and can be found here:

That is all for now folks… Until next time! Enjoy these first days of the New Year!!

Oh and hey… did I mention that I’ve made a new record… a new, new record ?  Of all brand new songs? I’ll tell you more about that soon!!

Yours Truly,

Ms Hoop x

Příspěvek byl publikován v rubrice Hudba, Music se štítky . Můžete si uložit jeho odkaz mezi své oblíbené záložky.

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