Deadmau5 – Strobe

Nahráno 14. 02. 2012
This is Strobe, the ending track of Deadmau5’s „For Lack Of A Better Name“. One of the best song I’ve ever heard 🙂
It’s been a long time since I wanted to cover it but I never took the time to think it through … Until now !
I wanted to do something with the ESX because I really love to play live on this piece of gear so I tried to sync it with Ableton and fortunatly, it worked pretty well ! So the parts are written down on the electribe and routed to Ableton whose playing the sounds (except for the intro, it’s written directly on Ableton).
The filming process took me a long time because as you may see, I was pretty stressed out every time I tried to record it … Playing this 10 minute song without any mistake IS hard !
I really hope you like it 🙂
(Oh and sorry for the sh*ty video quality … Someday I’ll buy one of those GoPro cam …)

For those who ask : the app on the iPad is called touchAble, please support them, they’re doing a great job !

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